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What’s included in the Paxiot service?

Almost everything. The seed for Paxiot originally germinated following our involvement as lawyers on previous direct offers where the cost and time creep of a cast of different service providers could unfairly penalise the client’s ambitions and budget.

That’s why we now offer the legal, regulatory, web development and administration services on an integrated basis.

The only service which we can’t ‘in-house’ is the payment processing of investments since we’re not regulated as a payment institution. However, Stripe integration comes as standard with our portal templates (and wire transfers are also an option either as a complement or alternative payment route).

Which type of businesses is the Paxiot service suitable for?

We think established (but still growing) businesses with a strong, consumer-facing brand and which have accrued a sizeable customer mailing list are best suited to the Paxiot service. The service is intended to give your existing loyal customer base the opportunity to take small stakes in your business and encourage them to then become your brand ambassadors.

Businesses which are still at proof-of-concept or seed stage, have limited number of identified customers or offer a highly technical core product tend to be better suited for other fundraising routes (crowdfunding platforms, venture capital etc).

How much does it cost?

Each direct offer is slightly different from the next so if you’re serious about raising and want to receive a quote then either complete the form below or contact us on hello@paxiot.co.uk.

How long does it take?

Where there is no need for an FCA-approved prospectus to be published, then an offer can usually be launched in a matter of weeks.

If a prospectus is required (i.e. where the offer is for more than EUR 8m in the UK) then from experience around 9-12 weeks should be built into the pre-launch timetable to account for the FCA’s review period of the draft prospectus (and ultimately its stamping ready for use).

Which types of securities can I offer?

Shares, convertible notes, SAFEs/ASAs, corporate bonds (in each case, subject to applicable circumstances such as type of investors and use of funds).

Do investors hold their securities directly or via a nominee?

Either is possible. We can accommodate both investment routes (including within the same offer).

Do I need to be regulated?

The act of issuing shares or securities in your own company is not a regulated activity (and neither will your business be classified as a crowdfunding platform), and so you do not need to be regulated per se.

There are regulatory aspects to direct offers however (UK financial promotion rules, prospectus regulations etc.) and this is where we are on hand to assist (as an FCA-authorised firm).

Can UK investors benefit from SEIS/EIS relief on their investment?

Yes, so long as both the company and such investors are eligible. While we do not advise on individual investor eligibility (which will come down to their own personal tax circumstances), we do assist you with confirming whether your business and offer is eligible for SEIS/EIS investment (including assisting with HMRC advance assurance applications).

Do you invest in the offer?

We sometimes (at our discretion and in prior agreement with the client) do take a small direct investment as part of the offer, either alone or as a syndicate lead.

I have a question that isn’t answered by any of the responses above.

Not a problem. Contact us via hello@paxiot.co.uk and we’d be happy to discuss your project in more detail.

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