Decide on the offer type which
suits your strategy.

Angels and/or friends and family

Angels and/or friends & family.

Connecting and transacting with angel investors doesn’t need to be brokered by an intermediary or involve an inbox of PDF signatures. Hosting a private offer (accessible through a restricted gateway) on your own website delivers superior transaction efficiencies and broader angel exposure.

Restricted to eligible applicants

Restricted to eligible applicants.

Complement, top-up or bridge venture capital investment or bank financing. If you can already count on an engaged, digitally-minded community who you have direct access to through active social media channels or an extensive mailing list then don’t let others do (or not do) the marketing for you. Connect with your customers on your terms.

Open offers to members of the public

Open offer to members of the public.

Built up a sizeable trading business, a widespread community and hold aspirations to soon list on an exchange? Consider bringing your biggest fans in before the exit event, testing investor appetite for what lies ahead and doing good by them in the process. Raise an uncapped amount of proceeds via an FCA-approved Prospectus.

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new investor.

Custom fit, own brand investment portals

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