Direct offers

are not a new concept...

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…but thanks to tailwinds supporting both digital capital raising technology and the growing engagement between companies and their communities, the fundraising model is now more attractive than ever.

In hosting a private investment round or a public offer from the familiarity of your own website, your fundraise benefits from greater autonomy, broader flexibility and deeper brand awareness.

No cross-marketing of investor lists, no carry fees charged to your investors and no getting lost in the shop window of a crowdfunding platform. Raising directly is simply a better value proposition if you have the community already ready to back you.

Companies which raise capital directly from their community don’t just onboard new investors, they onboard advocates, ambassadors, promoters and samplers.

One set of stakeholders, wearing several hats.

The team has been instrumental in advising BrewDog on the legal and regulatory aspects of our hugely successful Equity for Punks rounds since way back in 2009 not only has it had a positive financial effect on the business, but the most important aspect has been the development of our community of passionate and engaged brand ambassadors.

Richard Street, General Counsel at BrewDog PLC

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